Lola Friend

Born 29 November 1941, Newport
Died 26 October 2018, Newport

About Lola

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Ah, so so sorry to see this news, feel your pain, take care
Paul Williams  10/11/2018

GreetingRIP to a lovely Lady fond memories from the top club with Her Husband Colin...See more
Anthony whitcombe  31/10/2018

I had the pleasure to meet Lola many years ago. I always felt welcome in her house...See more
Heiner Siebel  31/10/2018

GreetingI wasn't the best grandson, I could've been better but you was always there for me even when I never deserved it, there was no other person in this world id rather have as a nan than you, you took me under your roof and kept me warm and food in my belly that ill never forget...See more
Cameron Friend  31/10/2018

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An amazing grandmother, That will always be remembered...See more
Chelsea Friend  30/10/2018

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A brave lady who will be greatly missed by all her family...See more
Teresa Cisuelo  30/10/2018

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A wonderful mother, all I could have wished for. You were always there for me, I will forever miss you mum, but I shall cherish the memories...See more
Matthew Friend   30/10/2018

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